'UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY' BY THE ART CENTER DANCERS. Talented dancers from the Art Center kick off this year's Success Summit with both a performance and lesson sure to unleash your creativity.

'HAPPINESS' BY MICHELLE LEFEBVRE. Inspirational speaker and life coach Michelle Lefebvre's goal is simple: she wants to help high achieving leaders rid themselves of stress, and instead craft a life that brings them joy and an open-heart awareness so they can live aligned with what they really want for themselves. Look forward to an inspiring talk leaving you happy and fired up.

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'IGNITE YOUR NETWORKING' BY MERGEN CHULUUN. Executive Director at The Business Council of Mongolia, Mergen Chuluun shares his real world success, with over 20 years of leadership & nearly 10 years of executive-level experience. His main objective in life or in any role is to make an impact, a positive contribution towards greater good of all stakeholders. Listen in as he shares how networking plays a vital role.


'LEGACY & FULFILLMENT' BY JIM CALAWAY WITH CARRIE BESNETTE HAUSER. Jim Calaway shares an inspirational talk on the importance of legacy and fulfillment. As a former oil magnate turned enlightened philanthropist, Jim has focused his efforts on a legacy of fundraising for civic groups and non-profit organizations. He has served various honorary roles for the Aspen Institute, most recently appointed to spearhead the Institute’s new Council of Honorary Trustees.



'IQ: INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT' BY AARON GARLAND. Aaron Garland is a world traveler with a vast portfolio of life experience that lead him to become an educator. All of his experiences have served as informal laboratories in Aaron's quest to better understand the human relationship with knowledge, that curious x-factor in mankind's attempt to make life on this planet a worthy, even heroic experience. 


Community leaders Christina Brusig with Drew Gorgey speak on emotional intelligence and finding benefit in helping others achieve their best. Christina is an advocate for the arts and social change and Drew is an attorney focused on leadership and professional development. In this, they share the common goal of always working for the greatest good of the community through the individuals within it.


POETRY SLAM BY ALYSSA  SZCZELINA. Yampah Mountain High School Student will captivate you with her words with an exciting poetry slam performance.

'XQ: THE X-FACTOR' BY BOB VANOUREK. Business leader and author Bob Vanourek speaks about the more unknown and undefined factor to success, the X-Factor. His expertise on leadership won him international recognition for his book, Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations, and he joins us to share his expertise through the X-Factor perspective.